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About SSP Super Fun Photo Booth

SSP Super Fun Photo Booth is a branch off of Shuri Skovold Photography. I have been a photographer serving the Conejo Valley for over 12 years.

Shooting at a wedding back in 2011, I saw a fun set up with a few props and a camera, and I thought what a fun thing to have at a wedding. They did not print on site but gave a card to their website where we could find our pictures. But I knew this could be a lot of fun if the pictures were actually printed on site and people could take them home with them. With all of my photography knowledge and equipment, I decided to give it a try and see if this was something that I could add to what I was currently offering. I had the opportunity to give this a try at a 40th birthday party where I was hired to just do walk around event photography. I asked if I could set up a photo booth type area and my client said sure! And poof!... SSP Super Fun Photo Booth was started!

We've only gotten better since that first set up, by not only by adding an extensive prop collection, but coming up with unique ways of displaying them to our clients and their guests. I designed a custom peg board to hold glasses and masquerade masks etc, and even that has evolved to now include LED lights after my assistant saw some LED lights that a DJ had on his set up. We are always trying to find new and innovative ways to make our display fun, inviting and interactive with our guests! Guests comment on how they have never seen so many props before and are so amazed at the great variety.

We believe that our SSP Super Fun Photo Booth stands out above and beyond any other photo booth company and is a great way to add that extra fun to your event.

We love adding new props to keep it fresh and fun! Not only do we have the best and most amazing props, but we also interact with your guests and help them choose fun stuff to wear. This is another thing that helps us stand out above our competition is that we are right there to help pick out props, get you ready for your 3 or 4 shots that are going to be taken and actually move the camera lens to make sure that it is always a great composed picture and not just do it yourself and hope it looks good!
We take the time to make your party one of a kind. Your invitation is used to make a custom template to make it even more personal and unique to your event.

As far as quality goes, we use state of the art, top of the line technology with our professional HD DSLR 18 Megapixel Canon Camera and our new Super Fast Dye Sublimation Printer which prints high quality photos that come out in less than 10 seconds. We set up a backdrop with a color to match your decor and give your friends and family a fabulous array of props, including great hats, glasses and unique masks to dress up to your heart's content!

Because of our high demand, we have just recently added a second booth. We are so excited to continue to grow and hope to be adding additional booths in the near future!

I look forward to having fun and making memories with you with our Photo Booth!

Shuri Skovold

Photographer/Photo Booth Owner